Into the Ring

I have now filed papers to become a candidate for the office of State Representative for Indiana District 26.  It turned out to be fairly easy to do.  I’ve got a basic web page up and a Facebook page for the campaign started, and I’ll be getting a Twitter account and perhaps running a separate blog.  I’m running as a Democrat, although the local Democratic party never really got back to me after I declared my interest, so they may have another candidate running.  I kind of hope they do, so that I have something to do leading up to the primary (it’s in May in Indiana). 

I’d originally intended to run for Congress in the 4th District, but some obligations I still have kind of persuaded me that I didn’t have quite enough time to take on that large of a task at this time; and the craziness coming out of the Indiana Statehouse started to seem more urgent than the craziness in Washington.  So I’m running against incumbent Republican Randy Truitt in a district that has been severely gerrymandered to insure that his incumbency continues.  We’ll see.

Wish me luck, and if you live in my district and can stand my politics, be sure to vote for me!

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2 Responses to Into the Ring

  1. Tom Trueb says:

    Why should I vote for you if I could?

  2. Spontaneous Hopeful Monster says:

    Because I’m not going to make promises or sign pledges or tie myself to any particular ideology. I’m going to do what makes sense, and if it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll say so and try something else that makes sense.

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